10 Signs the Man You’re Talking to is Married

What heaven!  You met a new man on a dating site and he is simply perfect and you can actually see yourself with him for a long time down the road.  He is everything you want but there is something in the back of your head, a small voice telling you something is just a bit off about him.  This reaction is your instinct talking to you and it is important to listen to it.  There is a chance this wonderful man may be married and you do not even know it.  This may not always be the case and sometimes your inner voice can be wrong but to make sure, check out the 10 signs the man you’re talking to is married:

  1. Inconsistent Behavior – A man who is inconsistent is probably hiding something from you.  If he is supposed to meet you online and then he always has an excuse or a work emergency he probably has a wife who needs his time more than you do.  While there are instances where work can get in the way of dating, if he is inconsistent on a regular basis then there is a high chance that he is not what he claims to be. This is a huge warning sign and one that should not be taken lightly.  It may be little things like where he lives or his living situation that screams out inconsistencies but it is important to pay attention to these things.
  2. His Availability – When does he want to see you or when can you chat with him online?  Does he have weird hours like only late at night or during the day when he is at work?  This can be another huge sign that he is married and is making time for you when he has no distractions or chances of being caught at home. While there are men who have weird working hours, this is something that can be damaging when put together with other signs.
  3. His Answers to Direct Questions – When you are in the getting to know him stage of the relationship and you are chatting with him online, ask him direct personal questions like where did he grow up, what college did he attend and where does he live now.  Keep these questions on hand to ask him again a couple of weeks later and see if his responses match up.  The man who is trying to be what he is not will probably lie initially and you may catch him in those lies.  Just remember to ask questions that someone would not normally lie about and do not ask them all in the same conversation like you are grilling or interrogating him.
  4. Bathroom Habits Say a Lot – Look, at the end of the day, a single man who lives on his own or with male roommates does not have the best bathroom habits.  They leave the toilet seat up because there are no females to put it down for.  A married man may very well put the toilet seat down because his wife prefers him to do this and it is a courtesy he has extended her.  Now this is not to say that a single guy will not be polite and put yours down because it is your place but the odds are he’ll slip up once in a while and accidentally leave the seat up.
  5. Texting Vs Phone Calls – If your man almost always texts you and never calls you unless it is late at night, that is another warning signal.  While texting is perfectly normal for most couples, they also talk on the phone too.  If he is not talking to you on the phone this is because there is someone with him he does not want to overhear your conversation.  This someone is more than likely his wife or his children.  While it is normal when finding love online to take things slow before getting to the phone call stage, too much time before a phone call is a huge red flag.
  6. Weird Sexual Appetite – You have met your man and you have been on dates and you really like him so you both decide it is time for the relationship to become intimate.  When it does, you realize that all of your encounters involve kinky or over the top sexual positions or appetites.  There are men who are only interested in that kind of intimacy but it can also be because he is already getting the normal sex at home and only wants another woman so he can do his experimentation and fantasies with you.
  7. Never Uses a Credit Card –If the man you are dating never ever uses a credit card this is probably because he does not want to leave a paper trail that his will find.  This is a time when most people do not carry around cash particularly when they go out to dinner.  It is a paperless society and there are few people who do not have a debit or credit card.  Now this is not to say that a man cannot carry cash, but if he paying for a room at a bed and breakfast with cash or your weekend cruise was paid for with cash, there is a reason he wants it that way and it has nothing to do with you.
  8. Frequently Drops Offline – Everybody has internet issues and loses their connection at one time or another.  But if you are in the middle of a conversation and he suddenly drops offline with you, he may have to shut down the chat or get caught by his wife.  If this happens frequently, then it is pretty obvious he is married and is simply shutting down his computer so his wife does not see his chat with you.
  9. Only Takes You To the Same Places – A married man is never going to take you to a place that he frequents with his wife.  If they have an active social life this may leave very few places where he can take you to comfortably without worry of getting caught by his wife or her friends.  If you only go out to the same movie theater, the same restaurant or the same side of town, there is a great possibility that he is married and even while you are out, he’s hiding you.
  10. Getting Back to the Instincts – We talked about your instincts in the first section of this article and that is probably your biggest clue.  If it just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.  one or two of the above signs may not be enough to prove a man is married, but if you put many of them together and your instincts are screaming at you, end the relationship and move on with your life.

It is never easy finding out that a man you care about is married and that you are the other woman.  Whatever you do, if he is married, end the relationship no matter what he promises you.  The majority of married men that have affairs never leave their wives for another woman and they are not leaving theirs for you.

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